SAVE THE DATE: "Mogliano Veneto Seminar" - Edition 7 - Mogliano Veneto, September 26th and 27th 2024

Let’s get ready for the future: tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the time to come

In a new and dramatic condition such as the one we are experiencing: an unstoppable tsunami of uncertainties, fears, good and even false discoveries and at the same time faced with a continuous request from civil society for intelligence, solutions, and responsible decisions, we deem it useful to conceive – for the role to which we are called – a streamlined and timely opportunity for multidisciplinary debate, oriented not so much to the distant future (it would only be a speculative luxury) but to the next 12-18 months of Healthcare, hospitals, assistance on the territory, of the diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives and, finally, of the existential framework linked to the imminent upheavals that await us in the world of work and leisure.