SAVE THE DATE: "Mogliano Veneto Seminar" - Edition 7 - Mogliano Veneto, September 26th and 27th 2024

How we work

We work alongside pharmaceutical companies throughout product development: from phase II to launch and regional follow-up.

Our core business is Market Access

The original dimensions of Dephaforum

  • Let’s scan the healthcare horizon in search of the major issues that will guide the future choices of national and regional decision-makers

  • We are scriptwriters, directors and producers of events that intend to have an impact on the Regulatory and Institutional world

  • We constantly innovate communication, dissemination and training tools and formats

What sets us apart?

Quick and punctual

Agile and flexible

Effective and decisive

Transversal skills in the various areas of medicine and a network of over 600 opinion leaders, experts, and healthcare professionals.
We support your projects

Study seminars

We create places for study and discussion between top scientists, clinical and regulatory experts, economists and institutional representatives, in which to address the most current and relevant issues of the “health system” and pharmaceutical governance, leveraging multidisciplinarity and comparison ” among equals” of the various stakeholders

Thematic Workshops

Moments of discussion organized to explore a specific issue identified together with a company, a scientific society or a public body: Research, prevention, evidence deriving from “real life data”, and new negotiation mechanisms are just some examples of areas that can be discussed events of this type.

Regional Access​ Projects

We create Focus Groups and Seminars to involve payors, pharmacists, representatives of regional institutions and local opinion leaders and develop issues relating to the allocation and management of resources, methods and times for accessing innovation, cost-benefit analysis and related organizational aspects. to assistance.

Innovative CME courses

The training of health personnel is a founding pillar of the NHS: we interpret it by organizing both residential, distance, and hybrid educational moments, dedicated to a limited number of participants in which the traditional speaker/learner relationship is limited to the essentials, to encourage instead maximum interactivity (group work, role-playing, digital tests) thus providing participants with a stimulus to replicate the contents of the training experience in their own operational reality

Master Class

The Masterclass is a particular type of training experience (ECM) in which professionals with a high level of experience and scientific-organizational competence involve “novice” colleagues in a highly interactive training path. It is the ideal tool in cases where the sponsoring company intends to support a training project on specific topics, reserved for a limited number of professionals.

Company training courses

We organize training courses dedicated to the personnel of pharmaceutical companies, focusing them on the various aspects of market access and personalizing them on the basis of specific company needs: from the production of the price-refund dossier to negotiating strategies with AIFA, from access to the regional market to inclusion in company handbooks.

Mock Negotiation​

We organize a negotiation simulation with the Regulatory Agency to submit the arguments of the pharmaceutical and biomedical company to close and constructive criticism, exercise the role playing and prepare the management for the Price & Reimbursement request.

Face-to-face interviews

We carefully select KOLs, clinicians, payors and industry experts according to your objectives and organize individual interviews to gather targeted opinions on specific aspects, as well as “insight” on innovative paradigms and broad spectrum issues.

Advisory Board

We create multidisciplinary tables focused on a drug, a specific indication or a therapeutic area, to help you respond to the different information needs of your company throughout the product development process.

3-5 years earlier

Early products

We create places for study and discussion between top scientists, clinical and regulatory experts, economists, and institutional representatives, in which to address the most current and relevant issues of the "health system" and pharmaceutical governance, leveraging multidisciplinarity.

1-2 years earlier

Market Access

Momenti di approfondimento di tutte le dimensioni rilevanti per un farmaco che si avvicina alla negoziazione e al mercato, attraverso la declinazione in:

  • clinical tables
  • tavoli di place in therapy
  • Price & Refund tables
  • 2-3 months before

    Mock negotiation

    Verification of scenarios and negotiation hypotheses through simulation of negotiation with the Regulatory Agency

    After drop

    Regional Access

    Insights on opportunities/access barriers or regional specificities, following the definition of the negotiating agreement