SAVE THE DATE: "Mogliano Veneto Seminar" - Edition 7 - Mogliano Veneto, September 26th and 27th 2024

The new scenarios of the drug in Italy: from the determination of the Price & Reimbursement to the prospects of commitment on the territory

The fourth edition of the Mogliano Seminar intends to address two relevant aspects of the drug scenario. On the one hand, the prospects for the regulation (criteria and process) of the price and reimbursement of the drug, also following the entry into force on 8/8/2020 of the Decree of 2 August 2019 (“Criteria and methods by which the Italian Agency of the drug determines, through negotiation, the prices of the drugs reimbursed by the National Health Service”) and the “Guidelines for compiling the dossier to support the request for reimbursement and the price of a drug”